A practical, conceptual guide that looks at working with boys and young men to decrease gender-based violence.

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Through collective stories, data and findings on girls, boys and violence, the award-winning NGO, Girls & Football SA, combines theoretical research with a hands-on approach to reducing sexual violence.

With introductions and contributions from leading sportspeople like Siya Kolisi, Springboks player, Fran Hilton-Smith, FIFA Task Force, George Dearnaley, former Bafana Bafana player and Director of the Football Magic Foundation, and Adam Fine, CEO of Fives Futbol and game-changing entrepreneur, the book highlights:

  • The importance of gender-sensitive language
  • Ideas around masculinities and the male body
  • Violence, bullying and peer pressure
  • Behaviors and thoughts around sex and sexual harrassment
  • The negative impact of an un-safe (school) environment
  • The effect of gangs on the development of boys and young men
“I believe in the power of football. This book can bring change to the lives of young people.”
Fabio Cannavaro Tianjin Quanjian Manager
Former Italian National Captain & Ballon D'Or Winner
“Tackled! presents a structured approach to working with boys and young men. This is needed in South Africa.”
Siya Kolisi Springboks Loose Forward
“Tackled! is important because it looks at ways in which to help boys deal with problems in a non-violent way.”
Fran Hilton-Smith FIFA Task Force for Women's Football

If you've picked up "Tackled!" or you're about to order it, then you are one step closer to working towards change in a country - and world - that desperately needs it.

Maybe somebody close to you has been in a violent situation. Maybe at times you are the one creating a violent situation. Maybe you want to work in a space that helps create a healthier environment for girls and boys alike, and you aren't sure where to start.

Like us, maybe you feel frustrated by the fact that ...something has to change, but that there seem to be no answers, and hardly any steps to take.

In "Tackled!", we look at ways in which we can work with boys and men to encourage a shift in the cyclical nature of violence.

This book is meant for those interested in creating and maintaining safe spaces effectively to prevent destructive stereotyping and violence in school, community and club settings.

This book is inspired by children around the world, who might still not have access to the safe space they deserve.

Welcome. And, thank you.

“Girls & Football SA, a powerful organization, issued a guide called "Tackled!", which offers tools to work with boys in order to decrease gender-based violence. Girls & Football SA is a highly relevant organization, contributing to a real and important cause. They deserve our full support.”
Marisa Gerards Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Pretoria, South Africa
“I'm really proud to be associated with 'Tacked!'...I believe in the future of South Africa and in the youth of our country together we can achieve anything.”
George Dearnaley ex-Bafana Bafana player
“Tackled! is a vital guide, not only because of the topics it addresses, but also because of the practical way it assists practitioners working in this sensitive field.”
Nick Gates Founder, Coaches Across Continents
“Creating sustainable, equal opportunities for girls and women starts with the family and with the boys and men in the community. 'Tackled!' is a step towards better chances for girls, while working on the mindset of boys.”
Johan van Geijn International CSR Partnerships, World Coaches
“Tackled! Is an important contribution that shines a light on the power of football to change behavior. By empowering boys and girls, we can make a real difference. Football is a key to unlock this potential.”
J├╝rgen Griesbeck CEO and Founder, Street Football World
“We must work with boys and men to create change. Sport is the ultimate hook. By asking boys to share their true feelings and experiences about violence, this book becomes part of the solution. Once we understand the realities of boys and men, only then are we able to start designing solutions for addressing this global challenge.”
Sarah Murray U.S. Director, Women Win
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