• Jos Dirkx

    Jos Dirkx

    Founder & Director

    Jos Dirkx has lived up in Brazil, Bangladesh, Spain, Senegal, The Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Eritrea, South Sudan, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, where she founded the award-winning Girls & Football SA.

    She is a Women Deliver/Gates Foundation Young Leader, a two-time TedX speaker and award winning media consultant. Her passion for gender equality has propelled her participation in projects, debates, and campaigning for increased public awareness of gender equality and her hands-on experience with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has furthered her dedication to making social justice a worldwide priority.

    Her unique global perspective, gained after travel through over 80 countries, motivates her to work for positive change.

  • Esther  Sampson

    Esther Sampson

    Project Manager

    Esther Sampson was born and raised in Pakistan. Growing up in a country where women are treated as second-class citizens has allowed her to have a unique perspective on gender issues. It is through this experience that she has developed a strong passion for gender equality.

    She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Mary Washington.  She dedicated her final year of studies to the investigation of the prevalence and stigmas surrounding violence against women in South Africa. One recurring theme in her studies was how positive outlets such as sport are a way to boost self-esteem in women and allow them to thrive in society.

    Not only is she passionate about gender equality but she is also passionate about football. Esther has been playing football since the age of six for various clubs and school teams.

  • Nancee Selana

    Nancee Selana

    Workshop Leader

    Nangamso Penelope Selana was born and raised in Cape Town City and joined the Girls & Football SA early in 2013. She says it continues to be one of the best experiences she’s ever had.

    She is a hard-worker with a friendly disposition that gets on with pretty much everybody.She is currently completing her first year at Cape Peninsula University of Technology as a tourism student.

    She grew up as an avid dancer and sports fanatic, mostly playing soccer. Nancee is fantastic on the field – coaches and players alike absolutely love working with her.

  • Fran Annas Denton

    Fran Annas Denton

    Content Co-Creation

    Fran has been involved with Girls & Football SA since October 2012 when she started as a volunteer at Lynedoch School in Stellenbosch. In January 2013, she became a workshop leader, and since then her position has expanded to incorporate writing and editing for G&FSA. She has a BA from Stellenbosch University majoring in English and Psychology, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Her passion for psychology and teaching culminated in her love for Life Orientation as a subject, and thus her focus lies on the life skills aspect of G&FSA workshops. She is currently supporting G&FSA from Germany, where she is a freelance English teacher.

    Aside from gyming and cycling, Fran loves reading, gardening and scrapbooking.

  • Fakhriyah Salie

    Fakhriyah Salie

    Workshop Leader

    Salie studied Business Management at CPUT and haw worked in the business industry for the past few years but has now decided to persue a career in where her passion lies, which is Sport.

    Sports have always been a big part of her life since she was very young. From playing cricket and soccer in the streets with the neighbours kids to playing competitively at high school level, clubs etc. The neighbours even nick named her “Jonty Rhodes” J . She played indoor & outdoor soccer, indoor & outdoor cricket, hockey, and table tennis, but enjoy all sports.

    Being a soccer coach has been a great experience for her. Teaching the kids to enjoy and love the game, to have confidence and believe in themselves. They all want to be soccer stars already.

  • Griselda Baartman

    Griselda Baartman


    Griselda (Seda) Baartman grew up playing soccer and has been kicking the ball for as long as she can remember! By joining Girls & Football SA and being a soccer coach, she aims to give back to the community. She was an assistant coach for the Cape Town Roses Ladies Soccer Club for two years and she also volunteered at Grassrootsoccer for almost two years. Seda is passionate about working with kids and soccer and her goal is to develop into a professional soccer coach.

  • Jessica Avika

    Jessica Avika

    Workshop Leader

    Jessica Avika is a Gabonese student in South Africa. She is very passionate about transformational coaching; life coaching and leadership and how they relate to women in football. She is a soccer player who has played for the University of Stellenbosch, CPUT and FC Santos.

    She wants to impact young women in football in pursuing their passion, developing their potential and to help find and live out their identity. Jessica has noticed that women sport in Africa suffers from discrimination and rejection which leads to an identity struggle for those playing sport. She hopes to help with that issue as well.

  • Adele Bruggeman

    Adele Bruggeman

    Workshop Leader

    Adele Bruggeman grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fond of sports, in her childhood she could always be found out in her yard kicking around a soccer ball, shooting a basketball, or playing wall ball with her lacrosse stick.

    She attended the University of Notre Dame where she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology while minoring in Poverty Studies. Here she also participated in varsity athletics as a goalie on the women’s lacrosse team. Through her studies she became very interested in the feminisation of poverty, particularly in the developing world. Knowing the importance of sport in her personal development, Adele wondered if sport could be used to develop confidence and self-esteem in girls who were growing up in a more paternalistic society, so she set off to do research on the benefits of sport for girls in Kampala, Uganda.

    Upon graduation Adele moved to the Eastern Cape of South Africa where she volunteer as a teacher at a children’s home. Here again she saw the transformative power of sport in the lives of youth while also falling in love with the beautiful country of South Africa.

    Having coached in the US, Uganda, and now South Africa, she is loving having the opportunity to empower girls through sport!

  • Cyndi Mendoza

    Cyndi Mendoza

    Workshop Leader

    Cyndi Mendoza was born and raised in Southern California, an epicentre for women’s soccer in the United States. She started playing soccer since the age of six and has never stopped. Growing up in this environment taught her how powerful sport is in advocating gender equality. She has also lived and played soccer in Spain and Chile before moving to South Africa. By joining Girls & Football SA and being a soccer coach, she aims to inspire the girls as her coaches did growing up.
    She is a currently an Honours candidate in social development at the University of Cape Town and has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Pace University in New York.

    Apart from soccer and education, Cyndi loves traveling, reading and is an avid foodie.